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Beef Production by State 2024

Beef Production by State 2024

The United States is the world’s largest producer of beef, primarily high-quality, grain-fed beef.

The U.S. beef industry is roughly divided into two sectors: cow-calf operations and cattle feeding. The focus of the cow-calf operation is to maintain a herd of beef cattle to raise calves. The cattle feeding sector focuses on preparing cattle for various means of production.

Beef cattle are raised in all 50 U.S. states. All cattle and calves in the United States totaled 87.2 million as of January 31, 2024

The number of cattle in every state is a good indicator of how much beef each state produces.

States with the Most Cattle

Texas Has the Highest Number of Beef Cows, With a Population of 4,300,000 (USDA)

Texan farmers produce $10.5 billion in cash receipts, making it a leader among giants. The total headcount for cattle in Texas is between 10.9 and 12 million head, including calves, cows, bulls, heifers, and steers. Beef cow totals hover around 4.3 million.

Oklahoma Comes Second With a Total Number of 1,981,000 Cows (USDA)

Cowboy country Oklahoma cashes in with $3.6 billion in total cattle production or 5.2% of the beef industry share.

The Number of Cows in Missouri Is 1,945,000 (USDA)

Cattle producers in the US are constantly jokey for production rankings, and according to 2014 statistics, Missouri had the second-highest beef cow inventory, and total cattle inventory rose by 4%.

The entire inventory ranks Missouri in 6th with 3.8 million head.

There Are 1,703,000 Cows in Nebraska (USDA)

Nebraska is no shrinking violet in the cattle industry and ranks second with 6.15 million cattle and a 1.797 million head count for cows. They’re also third for corn production and gross over $10 billion for cattle sales.

The Number of Cows in South Dakota Is 1,533,000 (USDA)

States continually change their cattle production numbers; drought can impact the total livestock count.

Recent figures suggest that South Dakota cattle inventory dropped by 5%, down from 1.635 million for beef, and all cattle as of 2014 were at 3.65 million head.

Here are the 10 states with the highest number of cows:

  1. Texas (4,300,000)
  2. Oklahoma (2,000,000)
  3. Missouri (1,900,000)
  4. Nebraska (1,700,000)
  5. South Dakota (1,500,000)
  6. Kansas (1,300,000)
  7. Montana (1,300,000)
  8. Kentucky (895,000)
  9. North Dakota (876,000)