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T-Bone/Porterhouse steak – Halal Premium Angus Beef 1.5 in 8 pieces (12 lbs)


Combines two lean, tender steaks. Consists of both top loin (strip) and tenderloin steaks, connected by a tell-tale T-shaped bone.  If diameter of tenderloin is smaller than golf ball, it’s usually considered a T-bone. Cooking Methods: Broiling, Grilling, Sautéing.



Halal T-Bone Steak is an original type of beef that consists of two different parts. A distinctive feature of the appearance of T-bone steak is the dividing bone made in the form of the letter “T”. It visually separates the large fiber notch from the strip loin.
This dish looks like a porterhouse, but the size is slightly smaller due to the small amount of filet mignon. This is a piece of tenderloin located between the back of the bull and the lumbar part. It is cut from the carcass where the largest muscle is located.
The finished dish is characterized by an excellent balance of taste. Each part conveys its own specific flavors. For example, a piece with large fibers contains more fat, and the other part, by sensations, is softer, it does not have a distinct taste of beef.
Separately, it should be noted the bone in the T-bone steak, which saturates the product with its juice during the frying process. This provides a unique aroma and special taste for the dish. Gourmets will appreciate the presence of bone marrow, thanks to which the meat acquires its own taste.

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Weight8 lbs
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