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Short-ribs Halal – 1 piece 3 in. cut (2 lb)


Short ribs. Common Names: Beef Ribs, Ribs. Braise before grilling. Cooking Methods: Braising, Grilling.



Being a very tasty and nutritious meat product, beef short ribs are very popular. Their remarkable taste properties are primarily due to their special structure. Between the meat and the rib bones of the animal, there is a significant amount of connective tissue, which is very rich in valuable natural proteins – collagen and elastin. During the heat treatment of beef ribs at temperatures above 70 degrees, collagen begins to turn into gluten, which dissolves easily in water. Thus, these chemical reactions result in a very rich, thick and nutritious broth. If the cooking time of the beef ribs is properly kept, the connecting films, which were previously quite tough, become tender and soft.
What to cook?
Beef ribs can be used to prepare a huge variety of delicious and nutritious dishes that will bring significant benefits to the body due to the high content of magnesium, zinc, calcium, chromium, as well as valuable natural proteins and fats. Most often, beef ribs are usually stewed or boiled.

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