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Premium Halal Beef Bologna – Small Unit (1 lb)


Mortadella or Premium Beef bologna. With Emir Halal, you can trust that our Beef Bologna is made from carefully selected young Angus fresh cuts of Zabihah beef combined with real spices and never any by-products.



“Emir Halal” Premium Beef bologna is made from carefully selected young Angus fresh cuts of Zabihah beef combined with real spices and never any by-products. We use prime, low fat and always fresh, never frozen beef. Using the latest German technology the meat is kept at around 32 F (O Celsius), carefully grinded, mixed with mild Central Asian spices, then stuffed into prime casings, marinated for better taste and extended shelf life, then vacuum packed for lasting taste. Our product is steam cooked at around 165 F (72 Celsius), then air dried to improve the dietary qualities. It is Gluten Free, Milk Free, Additives Free, and Allergens Free. The classic flavor of Beef Bologna made from beef. It is a very popular food product that can be consumed not only in its own form, but also be part of all kinds of dishes. Boiled sausages are used to prepare hodgepodge (soup), okroshka (soup), snacks, and add to salads, pizza, omelets, sandwiches. It goes well with any vegetables (potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions), herbs (dill, parsley).
What to cook?
Beef Bologna is widely used in cooking. It is a great stand-alone product that can also be used in various recipes. In crushed form, it is added to first courses, baked goods, salads, snacks. Helps the sausage improve the taste of various side dishes, stews, etc. Most often they make sandwiches from it.

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