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Halal Strip Steak – 5 pieces 1.5 in. cut (6 lbs)


New York strip. Common Names: Strip Steak, Kansas City Steak, Manhattan Steak, Shell Steak



Strip Steak is part of the carcass of Angus rose on good grain feeding – and therefore we do not doubt their first-class quality. Softness and juiciness is ensured by a thin strip of fat that covers the entire perimeter of the product.
You can easily recognize Strip Steak, even blindfolded, thanks to its characteristic, pronounced taste. The steak is cut from the lumbar back of the bull. Fat is located along the edge of the marbled meat: use it in frying to make your steak more flavorful and tender, or trim off for a lean meal.
This is a dish for true connoisseurs of natural meat. This is a traditional steak for men.
What to cook?
Making a classic strip steak at home is pretty easy. The main thing is to properly marinate the meat so that it becomes even tenderer and literally melts in your mouth. It is not even necessary to have a grill for this; an ordinary frying pan with a thick bottom will be enough.
If you are going to cook a delicious homemade steak, then our recipe with step by step photos will be very useful. Stock up on the food you need and start creating your next culinary masterpiece.

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Weight6 lbs
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