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Halal Beef Stew boneless (10 lbs)


Tender beef boneless from lower parts (leg, shoulder, flanken etc ) of zabiha halal beef made special for stew



Tender beef without bones from the lower parts (leg, shoulder, flanken, etc.) Halal zabiha beef prepared specially for stewing.
When slicing them, portioned pieces are obtained. Despite the fact that the meat obtained from these parts of the carcass is distinguished by a high content of connective tissues and tendons, with the right processing, you can get a truly delicious dish.
What to cook?
This product is very versatile in cooking, as many delicious dishes can be prepared from it.
To make the meat juicy and tasty, it is best to stew, boil or bake it.
This piece of meat can be used to prepare delicious first and second courses. It goes well with various side dishes and vegetables. You can diversify the meat with sauces and gravies.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 7 × 5 in