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Halal Beef Shoulders Steak Cut – Boneless (3 lbs)




The beef shoulder steak is part of the animal’s shoulder joint. In this part of the carcass, there are relatively few coarse muscles and connective tissues, so that cooking meat does not cause any particular difficulties. It can be fried over high heat, cut into strips, as well as beef stroganoff.
It has been proven that the shoulder blade contains natural antioxidants and even immune stimulants.
The bones from this cut of meat contain a substance called collagen, a natural source of strength for bones and hair. By adding bone to the broth, you get a flavorful base for your first course with a pleasant golden hue.
What to cook?
This product is very popular with chefs. Moreover, both in professional and amateur circles. The meat from the shoulder blade is used to prepare the first and second courses, for cooking and stewing, and also as a crumbly and juicy filling for savory baked goods. “Azu”, “Steak”, “Meatballs”, “Roll” – the flight of imagination of fans of experiments in the kitchen is not limited.
Modern housewives, who have “smart” assistants in the form of household appliances in their kitchens, will appreciate the variations on the theme of a spatula for cooking in a multicooker.

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