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Filet mignon – Halal Premium Angus Beef (6 lb)


Filet Mignon. Common Names: Tenderloin Steak.



Filet mignon is the most expensive and valuable cut obtained from a unique muscle that practically does not participate in motor activities. Therefore, filet mignon is the tenderest meat you can imagine.
It is made from the most valuable part of beef – tenderloin (tenderloin). A small muscle that is practically not involved in the movements of the Angus.
Filet mignon contains almost no fat, has a refined aroma, and most importantly its advantage is its amazing tenderness. The ease with which it chews, literally melting in the mouth, has made it the most luxurious and famous steak in the world.
What to cook?
Filet mignon can be prepared in many ways: it is often cooked wrapped in a circle or served with an almost melted piece of foie gras on top, etc. And due to the fact that the tenderloin is uniform in thickness over its greater length, it is also ideal suitable for roasting as roast beef and subsequent portioning. However, no matter how you cook this wonderful meat, remember one thing: the leaner the piece, the less tolerant it is to high roasting. That is why we recommend that you bring it to a readiness level of Rare, Medium Rare and certainly not higher than Medium: otherwise, you risk losing everything that filet mignon is popular for.

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Weight6 lbs
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