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Cow Feet Halal – cut in 4 pieces (4.5-5 lb) – Large size


Zabiha Halal Cow Feet, cut into 4 pieces.



Zabiha Halal Cow Feet, cut into 4 pieces. Leg of beef is rather specific offal that is rarely used in main dishes. The meat on the legs is usually tough and unsuitable for frying, but sometimes beef stroganoff or roast beef is made from it.
The products guarantee you a rich taste. Beef leg jelly contains all the necessary trace elements, as well as vitamins A, B9 and C, selenium, calcium and phosphorus. Such a product will contain the necessary level of collagen, which is very useful for the body, as it is a building protein. Beef leg contains natural gelatin, which has a positive effect on joint mobility and restores their work.
What to cook?
Beef leg can be cooked in a variety of ways: boiling, stewing, and baking in the oven.
An excellent low-fat Aspic can be prepared from a beef leg, as well as used for cooking dishes such as beef stroganoff, roast beef, and the like. You can also boil the leg of beef to the point where the meat is easily separated from the bone, then pick off all the meat, cut it into small pieces and stew a little in vegetables – such a vegetable Ragout will do honor to any table.

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Weight5 lbs
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