Bologna Salad with Cucumber and Rice

Bologna Salad with Cucumber and Rice:

  • Wash fresh cucumber under running water. Do not cut off the peel from it. Cut the cucumber into small cubes.
  • Crab sticks. We remove the sticks from the packaging, cut into cubes. Add the sliced ​​fresh cucumber to the salad bowl.
  • The next ingredient is Beef Bologna. We also cut it into cubes.
  • Grind one processed cheese using a grater with large cells.
  • We just chop the boiled chicken eggs. Let’s diversify the ingredients of fresh cucumber and rice salad with chopped herbs, for example, dill.
  • Add the ingredients of the salad to taste (remember that the rice is already salted) and pepper and add any mayonnaise.
  • Mix the ingredients of the salad.

A hearty salad of fresh cucumbers and rice is ready!